Free Bay Area Pregnancy Counseling

When a woman experiences an unintended pregnancy, a floodgate of emotion opens up. Nervousness and worry are common feelings to have. She asks her self all sorts of important questions like, “Am I ready for this? What do I do now? What are my options? Do I want to do this?” 

Everyone will have an opinion on what to do; and, coming to a decision regarding your pregnancy is both emotional and stressful. You might be feeling alone and want to process your thoughts and feelings  with someone who won’t judge you and who will be objective.  Sometimes conversations with loved ones can be difficult with sensitive issues like an unintended pregnancy.  If you would like to have someone facilitate that discussion between you and a loved one, Third Box can support this effort.

Third Box provides a trained counseling team, ethnically diverse,  who are licensed clinicians or masters degreed registered interns who are nonjudgmental and objective.  The atmosphere is relaxing and calm with absolutely no expectations.  It’s all completely confidential and it’s all about you. You will be provided with the time, space and support to talk through what is on your mind so that you can decide what is best for you and what is aligned with your beliefs and values. 

Third Box is  committed to providing continued counseling support in the critical months that follow. No matter what you decide; we are here for you.   All counseling services are free of charge.